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XenPod is New Zealand's best supplier for Lymphacisers! We offer the highest quality mini trampolines specially designed to help with lymphatic issues and improve overall cardiovascular health. https://www.xenpod.co.nz/ Our high quality Lymphacisers are proudly made in New Zealand and assist people with lymphatic drainage, immune support and improved circulation. Our lumphaciser: restores respiratory system and activates the auto immune system to self-correct many health problems, links the mind, body and spirit to allow a clearer experience of intuition and knowing, reduces swelling with primary and secondary lymphedema, helps to release trapped Blood Plasma Proteins in the lymph,

Adjusts and activates the most important bone - the sacrum

Rebuilds the body’s most important muscle - the diaphragm

Natural correction of posture releases emotional traumas

Improves taste, eyesight and hearing, induces relaxation and better sleep, levels hip heights in 12 seconds Visit our website to learn more about how you can holistically improve your health.

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